Best Exotic Recipes Worth Trying


Many of the nations in the world have different food recipes that define them and make them unique. Definitely, not all foods are usually to perfection, but there are some which stand out for many as unique and with vibrant aroma and taste. Most of the exotic foods are healthy and would leave you craving for them. will help you find more about this. The following are the best exotic food you need to try on your next vacation.

1. Cataplana;

Cataplana is a seafood recipe common in Portuguese. This seafood is fantastic and completely healthy as they are prepared straight from the sea. Portugues people are majorly involved in the fishing activity making them experts in seafood delicacies. So the next time you plan on visiting Portuguese, be sure not to forget to try the local cataplana.

2. Loubia;

Loubia is a local healthy dish famous in Morocco and which is usually made by cooking white kidney beans in tomato sauce. This dish is usually served with fresh or even cooked vegetable salad and is usually enjoyed by vegetarians.

3. Manousheh;

Manousheh is a delicious local pizza that made in Dubai from well-rolled dough together with various local herbs and local toppings to bring out perfection. It is a perfect meal to eat as breakfast and which energize you throughout the day. If you are a pizza lover, you might want to break out of the common recipe and try out the Manousheh dish on your vacation to Dubai.

4. Seafood Tagine;

Seafood Tagine is one of the many famous dishes in Morocco that tourist from all over the world like trying out and enjoy. This dish is usually made from conically shaped cooking pot consisting of beef, vegetables, chicken as well as lamb. It is usually prepared very slowly in order to make the components tender and is often preserved with lemon. Seafood Tagine has a unique taste that is worth trying when you visit Morocco.

5. Iranian Sangak;

Iranian Sangak is another fantastic Dubai cuisine made from leavened bread and which is usually served plain as bread or even in a rectangular shape. It is one of the local delicacy consumed by many people in Dubai.

6. Chicken tikka masala;

Chicken tikka masala is uniquely an Indian delicacy made from roasted chicken that is marinated and spiced with a creamy sauce and other spices. It one of the most amazing dish to try out during your visit to Britain as it will definitely change your experience.


There are many recipes around the world that make them outstanding and fantastic to try out. So the next time you visit any country, don’t forget to try out their best local recipe. Get more from